Why Everyone Should (or Shouldn't) Vote for Hillary

-Sean Lee

I have given some thought to the situation in South Carolina with respect to Clinton and Bernie. I'm puzzled by it. I can see why people who are happy with the status quo support Hillary. What I fail to understand is how people who would benefit from change can support someone who has a proven track record for working and voting on issues that have had harmful consequences for them and their community. Hillary keeps bringing up Bill Clinton, touting him as a great president. My mom likes him, so he must've done something good. But he's partially responsible for the deregulation of Wall Street which caused the collapse in 2007-2008; he was responsible for the crime bill which led to the mass incarceration of millions, black men in particular, and he began the process of privatizing prisons. Hillary and Bill had a chance at universal healthcare. They were fighting for real healthcare reform, but they couldn't pass it even though the times were much more favorable at that time for passing that sort of legislation than they are now. Hillary supported fracking in foreign countries while she was Secretary of State, she says she doesn't support big money in politics, but she accepts huge corporate "donations", and she also supports deploying troops in foreign countries.

The only Democrats who should support Clinton are those who

1. benefit from Wall Street speculation,

2. don't care about the mass incarceration of African-American men,

3. think prisons are run better when they are run as for-profit businesses,

4. think that someone who already has shown that they have a dodgy record when it comes to passing meaningful legislation that would benefit the majority of Americans could somehow now get things done,

5. do not think climate issues are global issues,

6. who think the top 1% or even 10% of wealthy Americans should have more say in American politics than the 99-90% below this income level,

7. and support continued warfare over rebuilding schools and infrastructure in this country (because let's face it you can't do it all, as Hillary keeps reminding us).

If that list does not apply to you I can say with a great amount of certainty that Hillary Clinton will not benefit you, but Bernie Sanders will. Don't let Hillary trick you into thinking she is different than all the other big money politicians. Let's make America a democracy again. Vote for Bernie