Why Teens Should See the Big Short

-Sean Lee

The Big Short is a movie every American should see. This movie succeeds in making it easier to understand what happened to cause the financial crises in 2007. You should see this movie, so you will understand where your taxes will go if we ever have another financial crisis. Your taxes won't go toward rebuilding America's infrastructure, they will go toward bailing out millionaire and billionaire investors.

Big banks are now even bigger than before the last financial crisis, and the same corrupt stuff is still going on. It is only a matter of time before we have yet another financial crisis if we don't break up big banks, and Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who has a shot at becoming president who wants to do that. Hillary Clinton's biggest donor is Citigroup Inc. one of the banks that contributed the most to financial crises, and the one that fought very hard to weaken the Glass Steagall act, which, if it was in place, could have prevented much of this from happening. We need to elect candidates, who don't accept campaign contributions from big banks, like Bernie Sanders.

"In 2005, eccentric hedge fund manager Michael Burry (Christian Bale) discovers that the U.S. housing market is extremely unstable, being based on subprime loans that are high risk and providing fewer and fewer returns. Predicting that the market will collapse sometime in the second quarter of 2007, he realizes that he can profit from this situation by creating a credit default swap market, allowing him to bet against the housing market; he visits numerous banks with this idea, and the banks, believing that the housing market is secure, accept his proposal. This earns the ire of Burry's clients who believe that he is wasting their money and demand that he stop his activities, but he refuses. As the predicted time of the collapse approaches, his investors lose their confidence and consider pulling their money out, but Burry puts a moratorium on withdrawals, much to his investors' anger. However, the market collapses just as he predicted and he produces 489% profits from the plan.

Trader Jared Vennett (Ryan Gosling) hears of Burry's actions from one of the bankers he dealt with, and soon realizes that Burry's predictions are true. He decides to put his own stake in the credit default swap market. A misplaced phone call alerts hedge fund manager Mark Baum (Steve Carell) to his plans, and Baum is convinced to join Vennett. The two discover that the impending market collapse is being further perpetuated by the sale of collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), groups of poor loans that are packaged together and incorrectly given AAA ratings due to the conflicts of interest and dishonesty of the rating agencies. When Baum attends the American Securitization Forum in Las Vegas, he interviews a businessman who has created synthetic CDOs, making what is described as a chain of increasingly large bets on the faulty loans; Baum realizes, much to his horror, that the scale of the fraud will cause a complete collapse of the economy. Baum's business partners convince him to go through with the credit default swaps, profiting from the situation at the banks' expense.

Eager young investors Charlie Geller (John Magaro) and Jamie Shipley (Finn Wittrock) discover a flyer by Vennett and also decide to become involved in the credit default swaps. Since they are too inexperienced to pull off the trades necessary to profit from the situation, they enlist the aid of retired banker Ben Rickert (Brad Pitt). The three visit the mortgage securities forum in Las Vegas, where they manage to successfully make the deals. Shipley and Geller are initially ecstatic, but Rickert is disgusted by their essentially celebrating an impending economic collapse and soon-to-be-lost lives. The two are horrified, and take a much more emotional stake in the collapse by trying to tip off the press and their families about the upcoming disaster. Ultimately, they profit immensely, but are left with their faith in the system broken." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Big_Short_(film)

Go see The Big Short.