Why Teens Should See Where To Invade Next

-Sean Lee

Where to Invade Next, Michael Moore's newest documentary, is a movie that you must see. Do your parents a favor and take them along. In Where to Invade Next, Michael Moore visits several different countries introducing ideas and policies via jokes, sarcasm, and interviews, many of which are hilarious. Although the movie doesn't take itself TOO seriously, by the end you will have a different outlook about which country is the "greatest".

The premise of Where to Invade Next is that America has not won a war since September 2nd, 1945, the end of World War II, despite being in many. The leaders of every branch of the military are unhappy and even embarrassed by this, for good reason. They need help. So what do they do? Start more wars? Change history like in Big Brother? Go back to war in the countries where we lost? No. They call Michael Moore. He then proposed a solution. Michael Moore's solution you ask? His solution is not to send armies, but to send... Michael Moore. He will invade countries, steal their great ideas, and claim them as our own.

I would categorize this movie as a comedic documentary in which the comedy is stunning, hopeful, and horrifying. I found myself laughing and realizing I was laughing at the stupidity of something in America that I thought was the norm. If you are lucky, as I was, you should come out of the theater with new standards for what life in America should be.

Michael Moore did an amazing job with this movie; every teen and adult should see it. Where to Invade Next will make you realize that America really doesn't live up to its hype, but it could by using some of these things that are working in other countries. Watch this movie and join Michael Moore in working to make a difference in our country.